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IR35 Limited Company Contractor Contract: £225

Our new IR35 Limited Company Contractor Contract template is designed for limited company contractors who intend to operate outside IR35 where no recruiter is involved.

The template cover the key areas of control, substitution and mutuality of obligations and reflects our extensive experience in IR35 and recent developments in case law.

It is designed for use only where there is a discrete project and the actual working practices clearly suggest self-employment. As IR35 applies on an engagement by engagement basis it is vital that an IR35 Contract Review is prepared for each engagement.

Given today’s economic climate it pays to contract directly with your client without the use of a recruiter. These terms are drafted to provide a reasonable level of commercial protection without prejudicing IR35 status.

The template is a premium product but is priced at less than 50% of our competitors (we have low overheads). A further benefit for you is that you will be entitled to a full IR35 Contract Review where this contract is used for a discounted rate of £50.

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