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We offer highly competitive charges for Commercial Advice, IR35 Contract Reviews, Contract Templates and more

Combined IR35 and Commercial Terms Review: £175

Why do you need an IR35 Contract Review after the off-payroll reforms?

– The client has notified you that it is within the small companies exemption – the old IR35 legislation continues to apply so you’re responsible for getting legal advice;

– You have used CEST or an online tool provided by an accountant, insurer or contractor and require a proper legal opinion from one of the UK’s most experienced IR35 lawyers;

– The contract contains an indemnity clause requiring your company to compensate the employment business and client for any tax loss so the IR35 legislation effectively applies to your engagement;

– The client has no connection with the United Kingdom, e.g., it is based in the Channel Islands, United States, etc., and does not have an office or employees in the United Kingdom;

– The contract contains potentially onerous clauses such as unlimited liability for damages.

In addition to a full review of your contract and working practices from an IR35 perspective the Combined IR35 and Commercial Terms Review will give you guidance on your commercial risks such as intellectual property, payment, restriction clauses and termination.

Unlike an accountant or insurer we can provide legal and commercial advice on your contract. Remember, the contract is a legally binding document and properly reviewing the proposed terms at the outset can save you time and money in the future. Unfortunately, this point often forgotten or overlooked by other advisers.

The process is the same as the IR35 Contract Review.

We can offer a 10% reduction for existing clients of The Law Place or clients of our affiliate, Weaver Rose Solicitors.

Subject to an additional fee (outlined in the Review), if we advise that the engagement is caught by IR35 we can redraft the contract to reflect the actual working practices and negotiate with the agency or client on your behalf. If the outcome is successful we can provide a revised opinion.

The Review process:

1. Complete the order form;
2. Send a copy of your contract and any schedules (one contract per Review) to;
3. Complete the Questionnaire concerning the actual or anticipated working practices;
4. Your Review will arrive very shortly.