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The UK’s leading legal consultancy specialising in IR35, Off-payroll, Recruitment and Employment Law. If you want to take reasonable care in determining tax status, you’re at the right place.

Our discounted rate of £150 per hour applies to all clients. Call now for information on our Legal Status Determination Service.

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Proven expertise in IR35 and employment status issues

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About Us

The Law Place is a unique legal consultancy which works in conjunction with Weaver Rose Solicitors to provide a range of fully confidential legal services for limited company contractors, end-clients. accountants, recruiters and the construction industry. We combine proven expertise in IR35, the Off-payroll legislation, the Agency Worker Regulations, commercial and employment status issues together with unbeatable value and turnaround time. As the UK’s leading provider of IR35 advice we aim to provide unsurpassed quality of service.

The new Off-payroll legislation requires medium or large clients engaging limited company contractors to take reasonable care to determine the status of an engagement. What is reasonable care? Getting the best impartial legal advice because IR35/Off-payroll is a legal matter. If you’re relying on CEST or similar, stop now and call The Law Place.

We pride ourselves on our triple-A service level commitment: 

  • Accessibility – we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week giving you a competitive advantage. No sales director will waste your time with follow-up calls and interminable Zoom conferences;
  • Ability – our director, Martyn Valentine LLB (Hons), has an unrivalled 18 years of experience in advising on IR35, recruitment law and employment law, reviewed thousands of contracts and successfully represented hundreds of limited company contractors; and
  • Assurance – as a mark of our credibility we are specifically insured to provide IR35 legal advice so can offer the UK’s only genuinely impartial and competent IR35 and Off-payroll solution. We can guarantee an outside IR35 determination without further cost.

Time waits for no man and we always aim to complete your IR35 Contract Review within ONE WORKING DAY or less of instruction. A Same Evening service is available. Don’t be fooled into thinking that IR35 Contract Reviews aren’t necessary. Does your contract require you to indemnify the recruiter and client in respect of tax liability? Is your client small or located outside the UK? Do you trust your client’s CEST based status determination statement?

  • Why pay over £400 for an IR35 Contract Review by an unnamed person just to be pressurised into buying an insurance policy?
  • We see the Off-payroll legislation as an opportunity for end-clients to save money and simplify the contractual chain. Taking reasonable care in relation to status determination statements means obtaining the best impartial legal advice for each engagement, not relying on expensive “solutions” lacking legal expertise and commercial insight.
  • We can provide a solution to the challenges posed by the Off-payroll legislation – check out our Consultancy Project Agreement and other services.
  • Are you a limited company contractor and need an outside IR35 contract for use with your client? Here’s the solution, our Limited Company Contractor Agreement based on 18 years of IR35 experience.
  • We offer highly competitive charges for commercial advice, IR35 Contract Reviews, Contract Templates and more.
  • We also offer the innovative Outside IR35 Client Terms of Business contract pack for recruiters.
  • Statement of Work ‘solutions’, CEST (and similar) fancy questionnaires and substitution services are dangerous and grossly misleading and may lead to a criminal conviction for tax fraud.
  • Still unsure? Here’s some recent client feedback

Remember, IR35 is a legal and not an accounting issue and requires many years of training. That’s why we are called The Law Place.

Why don’t we promote IR35 insurance? If an accountant or recruiter promotes IR35 a specific tax insurance policy it will be liable for employment tax under the Managed Service Companies legislation.

The recent judgment in CAM Limited underscores the perils of not using a lawyer to obtain IR35 advice. We regard competent legal advice as a valuable investment in your business’s future, sparing it the unnerving risks associated with instructing an accountant or insurer to advise outside of their professional competency. IR35 involves the application of complex contract law and employment law concepts to real life contracts which can only be accomplished by The Law Place. After all, does due diligence really mean asking an insurer to advise on a contract?

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For a no-obligation discussion of your business’s needs call Martyn Valentine on 07788 773871 24 hours.
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The Law Place is a unique legal consultancy which works in conjunction with Weaver Rose Solicitors to provide a range of fully confidential legal and Human Resources services for limited company contractors, accountants, recruiters and the construction industry. We combine proven expertise in IR35, Agency Worker Regulations, Commercial and Employment Status issues together with unbeatable value and turnaround time.

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