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Do you operate an umbrella company or need help setting up?

This can be a complicated area so it is always vital to obtain correct legal advice before any problems arise.
HM Revenue & Customs has imposed certain conditions including an obligation to provide a minimum number of hours per year and specific rules to operate a valid expenses system.

Zero-hours employment contracts or secondment contracts are not appropriate and can expose an umbrella company to additional liability for tax if an expenses system is incorrectly used.

Our Umbrella Employment Contract is designed to be user friendly and complies with HM Revenue & Customs’ guidance so that you can offer an attractive expenses system for your umbrella employees. A high standard of commercial protection is provided so that you can, for example, terminate an assignment if you have reason to believe that the employment business is insolvent.

We do not require umbrella companies who have used our services to join a membership body. If there is an issue of concern we will liaise with HM Revenue & Customs for you.

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